Add Ons

Jet Ski Hire

Add a Jet Ski onto your private charter

Perfect for some high speed fun - jetting around on jets skis before continuing with your charter! Safety Training provided.

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Private Chef

Add a 5* Private Chef onto your charter for that extra special experience. 

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Alcohol & Refreshments

Get your alcohol and refreshments delivered directly to your private charter.


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Choose from a section of platter options, canape's and cocktail party menus.

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DJ / Musician Hire

Add DJ services or Musicians onto your private charter and let them create an extra special atmosphere for you and your guests.  

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Violinist Hire

Immerse yourself in the enchanting synergy of sound and style. Allow the waves to carry you into a world where an electric violin becomes the soundtrack to your luxurious maritime adventure, creating memories that will linger long after the yacht has docked.

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Saxophonist Hire

As you charter a luxury yacht, let the rhythmic beats and soulful saxophone notes elevate your voyage to new heights. Sail the seas in style, surrounded by the harmonious fusion of world-class entertainment and the serenity of the open waters, creating memories that will last a life time.

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Photographer / Videographer

Capture those special moments by adding a photographer or videographer onto your private charter experience.

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BBQ / Braai Hire

Experience the vibrant flavors of South African cruisine onboard your yacht charter with a sizzling Braai.

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Inflatable SUP Boards & paddle

Add on some SUP (Stand up paddle boards) to your private charter, whilst anchored at Clifton.

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Helicopter Flights

Add a breathtaking helicopter tour around Cape Town's most beautiful scenery onto your yacht charter experience and take home incredible memories of Cape Town from the air as well as the ocean.     

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Seal Snorkeling

Add this incredible Seal Snorkeling Experience onto your private charter

Come and experience one of the most popular and unique activities the Mother City has to offer, while in the comfort of your private charter. The Ocean Experiences team are only too keen to share the beauty of the ocean and its most playful mammals with you as well as the beauty of the Cape Town Atlantic Coastline.


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Harley Davidson Rentals

Add this unique Chauffeured Harley Experience to your private charter

Indulge in some super relaxing down time with one of Cape Corporate Tours superb Chauffeured Harley trips when you and your friends are driven through some awe inspiring scenery that Cape Peninsula has to offer

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High Speed Boat Rides

Add on a high speed thrill of a rubber duck / RIB boat to your private charter!

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Scuba Diving

Add on scuba diving to your private charter and experience the underwater world of Cape Town.

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Add on Freediving to your private hire charter.

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