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Duration: Approx 25 mins

Price: R88000

Price: $6,703

Price: £4,834

Price: €5,477


The majestic beauty of the Cape and its surrounding mountains is at its best when viewed from the sheltered waters of the Table Bay. This majestic back drop is highlighted by abundant integration of sea life of which the Cape has been so richly bestowed. Sailing within such beauty is an experience that will forever be treasured.


5 hours


6 nautical miles from Cape Town.


A maximum of 12 passengers.


Cruise time and cruise course are dependent on weather conditions and at the discretion of the skipper. Your and your guests’ safety will always be our primary priority.

What To Wear

We recommend a windbreaker jacket, non-deck marking shoes (eg trainers/deck shoes, no black soles), hat, sunglasses and sun lotion.


  • Full crew and Stewardess.
  • 15 Nautical miles.
  • Selection of canapés, local wine, beers and soft drinks.


Additional drinks or customised catering can be pre-arranged, at an additional charge.

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Number of seats: ONE   R88000   $6,703 |   €5,477 |   £4,834 |

Total R88000

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