Cape Cat Tour

Cape Town and the Ocean are two things that go together and, really, one cannot exist without the other. Exploring the ocean in Cape Town is one of the things every tourist loves to do and must do. There are many ways to explore the oceans but the Cape Cat Tour is the best by far.

Le Cat Yacht charters have, as the name suggests, access to some catamarans the cape cat tour for up to 12 people is the best way to get up close to the sea. The exceptional tours offered by Le-Cat Yacht Charters are truly amazing tours and experienced. Using motors to leave the V&A the yachts are soon under sail on the open ocean off the coast of Cape Town.

For the first time, you may be grateful for the never-ending wind that blows in Cape Town as your sails are hoisted and the tour begins. Your exclusive tour lasts about 90 minutes and your skipper knows how to make the most of your time on board. A yacht tour on a catamaran is not your average tour and is one that will make your friends truly envious.

Undersail your wind-powered cruise will take you out to sea and down the coast passing Camps Bay and other places of interest. Feeling like a million dollars you can explore the ocean from the comfort of what feels like your own private yacht. With a fully stocked bar and braai facilities, this Cape Town tour is surely one of the most luxurious you will experience.

Dolphins may play in your wake as you sail through the blue ocean and seals may frolic nearby. If you are not up for standing up and trying to spot wildlife just sit back and soak up the sun. No one will believe you have spent some time on a luxury yacht so take plenty of photos, the scenery is magnificent.

The focus of a Cape Cat Tour is to pure enjoyment. On the ocean, away from it all, there are no distractions other than someone asking if they can offer you something to eat or drink. With no more than 12 others on board, you will find peace and tranquillity on this tour like no other tour or experience in Cape Town. The wind may blow hard or it may just be a gentle breeze, either way, you are sure to enjoy the adventure.

Booked using the TOURlist App the Cape Cat Tour is an amazing day adventure for the whole family. Using the App you can conveniently book the tour and in doing so save money. The Cape Cat Tour is true bucketlist tour for many people and it with Le-Cat Yacht Charters you will not be let down.

Cape Cat Tour

Enjoying the magnificent scenery around the beautiful Cape from the ocean will be the highlight of your vacation. Cruise along our beautiful coast